Pondicherry Getaway - 4

french and tamil



    October to March


    Culture, History & Architecture and wellness


  • INTACH restoration expert for Heritage Walk
  • Fun cooking class with an expert Indian chef
  • A private vocal Hindustani music performance

Known in the local Tamil language as Puducherry meaning ‘New Town’, Pondicherry is a small enclave stuck in a time warp. A former French colony on the Coromandel Coast, Pondicherry offers a fascinating ride into the colonial era. Its unique French character being in harmony with the local Tamil culture is a marriage of civilizations unlike any other. Pondicherry is welcome refuge out of the din of large cities and its mixed culture is sure to enchant anyone who goes there.



Take an early morning Pondicherry market tour. Embark on a Heritage Walk, and later you can visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Elephant temple, old Pondicherry and a few other temples.


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Auroville, art and textile

Drive to Auroville, an experimental township surrounded by manicured gardens and whose inclusive message to realise human unity is worth seeing in person. You can also visit a paper factory and visit ‘The Colours of Nature’, a natural dyeing centre. You will get to see the various techniques that go into the famous textiles of the region.

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sustaining Livelihoods

The silent force behind empowering and uplifting lives, the day’s agenda pays tribute to the not-for-profits and social workers across Pondicherry. Commence the day by paying a visit to an embroidery centre managed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph de Cluny, where you can interact with the women there.