Our Process

Kamalan is a cultural agency that curates immersive travel experiences to India. Each journey is unique and breathes a life of its own. The Indian Travel Craftsman helps you explore the depths of your travel desires, and bring them to life with an itinerary that speaks to your taste.



As you traverse through the narratives from memories of the Indian land, dive into a River of Stories. Like windows that open into vivid realities, let the stories interact with your language of sensory. From these, handpick experiences that resonate and let us weave a journey around it for you, or tell us about yourself in 'Craft Your Journey' to help us find the experience you’re searching.


Start planning your story by staying in close touch with a Kamalan Pathfinder. With continued discussion, they will craft a journey that resonates with you, and customise it to your satisfaction. Your pathfinder will stay in touch until your journey to provide you cultural recommendations and answer your queries.


Arrive, and meet a Kamalan representative at the airport. Commence your journey and engage in a visceral speciose of destinations and immersions while relying on your Kamalan representative and guide to help you experience a smooth travel.