Surbhi is a quirk in every sense of the word. Described by many as an eccentric over-achiever, the truth is that Surbhi is at once interested in everything. She believes that learning stops at no stage in life and welcomes these lessons with open arms. At Kamalan, she feels at home with her beliefs being embodied through her work – a dream she has harboured for a long time now.
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Kamalan X The New Yorker

Earlier this year, at the beginning of the Ladakhi summer, we collaborated with photographer Robbie Lawrence and writer Lexie Smith to document the life of the region.


Travelling coast to coast, Joe Pickard and Daniel Volland are on a journey to capture the existence of a diverse culture that thrives within the mystical lands of South India.

Issue 12 – Journey

Hole & Corner has always been inspired by an urge to widen our knowledge by learning from cultures. Be they the craftspeople of Ireland or India (in an epic, 32-page exploration in association with Kamalan Travel), we celebrate the power of the global as well as the local – broadening our minds through travel, not hiding behind walls and artificial barriers.

Issue 13: Performance

In a first for the magazine, legendary set designer and artist Tony Hornecker has built his own physical interpretation of a ‘hole-and-corner’ (‘a secret place: somewhere you go to escape the world; to be inspired, to contemplate and create’) for our cover.

India’s Lost Party Mansions

Nothing you think you know about the humble, low-rise, rambling charm of rural India holds true.