In the Embrace of Durga, the Mother Goddess

Travel with us to the ‘City of Kali’ and Bengal’s capital, Kolkata. It is that time of the year in Bengal when The Mother Goddess Durga, Adi Shakti or the Primeval Energy, as they call Her, arrives as she vanquishes the forces of evil during the Nine Nights of Autumn or Sharadiya Navaratri. Legend has it that the Goddess took the fierce form of Durga for nine nights to battle and slay a devious buffalo-headed demon who tormented the virtuous. The city of Kolkata is decked up like a bride to welcome Her, and Kolkata’s millions rejoice in ritual worship, music, dance and of course, food!

The journey begins and ends in Kolkata. Take a tour of the city and then head out into its streets and mingle with elated locals. Wind your way into the narrow crowded by-lanes to uncover the nuances of the Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata and blend into the sea of faithful.


  • Meander through the narrow streets and wide thoroughfares and walk into some of the most lavish altars or Pandals of the Goddess Durga and join the locals in their ecstatic display of devotion
  • Take a walk through the potters’ village, Kumortuli in Kolkata and interact with the workers bringing the clay images of Goddess Durga to life
  • As the women of Kolkata venture out to bid farewell to Durga with Sindhur or vermillion powder on the last day, partake in their celebrations with color and traditional sweets.
  • Witness the fervor at the river embankments or Ghats as the Goddess is symbolically immersed to indicate her departure, only to celebrate her return the next year

Best Time to Travel


Places Covered

West Bengal: Kolkata

Price Range

USD 2,000 and above (per person)


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