Along the Ganga: The daughter of the Mountains


Traverse the course of India’s most sacred river, the Ganga, better known to the world as the Ganges. The Ganga, personified as a goddess, gives and sustains the lives of close to half a billion people and perhaps an even greater number of other lives. Ganga, the daughter of the mountains according to legend, commands with her sheer presence, the unflinching devotion of millions of faithful. Faith apart, the river has played a significant role in shaping the India’s history and its psyche. This is a path to the spiritual unraveling of India where the Ganga holds the key to one’s deliverance.
This route traverses some of the most significant places along the holy river, Ganga. It begins in the nation’s capital, Delhi and heads to the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh and Haridwar. From these holy towns, the route will remerge from the mountains onto the plains in Lucknow, from whence it will meander along the river to the holiest town of Varanasi as it passes through Allahabad, the town where three divine waters merge at the Sangam. From Varanasi, the route will head the first colonial capital of India and the largest city on the banks of the Ganges, Kolkata, where it will end. The path takes you into the spiritual soul of India.



  • Hike into the hills to the Kunjapuri temple near Haridwar and meditate in the serenity of the vast mountainous landscape
  • Douse yourself in the spiritual fervor at the confluence of streams from the mountains in Devprayag that emerge as the Ganga and flow into the plains
  • Witness the sun set on the glorious Taj Mahal from the Mehtab Bagh or the ‘Moon Garden’ in Agra
  • Meet and interact with artisans working on an ancient embroidery technique called Chikankari unique to Lucknow
  • Bathe your way to salvation at the Triveni Sangam in Allahabad
  • Paddle along the Ganga at sunrise as India’s holiest city, Varanasi, along its banks wakes up to a brand new day
  • Take a walk through the potters’ village, Kumortuli in Kolkata and interact with the workers bringing the clay images of Goddess Durga to life

Best Time to Travel

Ideally August – April, but can be done all year round

Places Covered

Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal:  Rishikesh, Haridwar, Lucknow, Varanasi, Allahabad, Kolkata

Price Range

USD 2,000 and above (per person)


Brochure coming soon

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