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Getaway to Goa

A favourite among those who love to hear the gentle rumble of the sea as one basks in the tropical sun, by the pristine beaches, Goa is more than just a leisurely allure. As an erstwhile Portuguese colony, the relics of its past have given Goa a very unique place on the Indian cultural landscape. An eclectic blend of Indian and European influences, Goa is a surprise at every turn. As a getaway from the big cities, Goa goes the extra mile in offering exceptional options for the leisurely and those with an eye for history.

Kamalan Getaways are brief thematic sojourns into the inner reaches of India. They can be short weekend travel programs out of large cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Painting an intricate picture of India and its nuances, Getaways give you the opportunity for a fascinating cultural immersion that you wouldn’t normally get to be a part of – all, over a weekend or a little longer.



Starting from INR 18395/USD 305 per person

Best Time to Travel

Ideally August to April, but can be done all year round


Art, history, adventure

Price Ranges

This journey is available in Luxury, Mid-range and Budget options


One thought

  1. I planned my vacation with Kamalan as my travel advisor in October. Kamalan crafted an exceptional journey for me and gave me great adivse about places to visit in goa, things to do in goa and the Hotels in Goa I should stay at.
    I checked into Vivando Dos Palacos upon my arrival and later embarked on a cultural journey of Goa that took me to Tiracol Fort, Regis Magos Fort and Church and finally the vibrant Anjuna Beach Evening Market.
    I completed my Goa trip at the upscale Goa resort ‘Cidade de Goa’ that proved to be the crowning of my beach vacation.
    My Suggestion: With a slight chill in the air and a lot of sun, December is a great time to plan your vacation to Goa, that way you might get a chance to attend various Goa Weekend Festivals. If you fancy music festivals, then the annual ‘Sunburn Goa’ also takes place in December.

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