The Kochi Biennale and the Artistic South

South India is a cultural and artistic kaleidoscope in its own right. On this journey, explore the contemporary arts scene of the region as it coexists with the indigenous classical and folk arts. Exclusive interactions with artists and craftsmen along the way will lend you unique insights into the timeless traditions of the artistic south.

Begin your journey with the Kochi Biennale for an immersion in contemporary art installations by artists from across the world, charmingly set in the backdrop of the ancient Kochi port. Move on to Bengaluru for a specially curated tour of the city’s modern art scene, take a walk into the cultural alleyways of the city of Chennai, indulge in classical music in Pondicherry, meet with sculptors in Mahabalipuram, visit a bronze facility in Thanjavur that still employs a thousand year-old method of Sculpting…



  • Attend the Kochi Biennale, where several artists from across the world convene to share ideas and works
  • Meet with an Indian classical musician and get a deeper insight into the lifelong devotion that is her art
  • Have a curated tour of the contemporary arts scene in Bengaluru with an art expert
  • Explore a private collection of masterpieces of glass-dust paintings in the Tanjore tradition
  • Watch a bronze sculpture come to life using a method more than a thousand years old

Best Time to Travel

August – April, but can be done throughout the year

Biennale Dates

12th December 2016 to 29th March 2017

Places Covered

Kochi, Bengaluru, Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Chennai

Price Range

USD 2,000 and above (per person)


Brochure coming soon

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