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Ladakh: A Wondrous Moonland

Fly into the elevated magical landscapes of Leh, the city in the sky, and uncover the surrounding Ladakh region. This cold, arid, remote, mountainous region takes your breath away, quite literally, with its sheer rugged beauty. The region lies directly in the sphere of influence of Tibet and its culture. Therefore Tibetan Buddhism and its unique philosophy have thrived in these areas for centuries. Most of Ladakh outside of Leh town is either very sparsely populated or is just a seemingly endless expanse of lofty mountains and valleys with the occasional Buddhist monastery. Take a journey into these remote areas and catch a glimpse of the cultural vibrancy of the people who have survived the harshness of their surroundings.

Meant as an initiation into the incredible diversity of India, Kamalan’s Ready-To-Travel programs are classic journeys that you can purchase off the shelf and get packing! Born out of a synchronous blend of our knowledge of the country and 30 years of travel experience, these journeys have been curated with passion and care.


Delhi (1N) → Leh (3N) → Uleytokpo (2N) → Leh (1N)

The pathway begins with flying into Leh from the capital Delhi. After exploring the grand palace and the monasteries in the town, head out into the lofty wilderness. Several secluded monasteries and abbeys dot the spectacular landscape which stand out like jewels in the midst of the cold desert. Drive, hike and walk to some of the abbeys and monasteries in Uletokpo and other remote hamlets and settlements; meet with some of the locals, the abbots, the Lamas and the students of the monasteries. Let the barren expanses of Ladakh win you over with is unspoiled allure.

For a detailed itinerary, please check out our brochure.


  • Be enchanted by the spiritual serenity of the grand Hemis Gompa and the Thiksay Monastery in Leh
  • For an additional price, choose curated experiences to stay by the banks of some of the most spectacular lakes in the high altitudes of Pangong or head to the incredibly beautiful Nubra Valley
  • Perched atop a cliff is Rizong Gompa in Uleytokpo; hike up to this ‘paradise for meditation’

Starting from USD 695 per person


8 days, 7 nights

Best Time to Travel

May through September


Art and crafts, history, spiritual, nature, adventure


This journey is available in Luxury, Mid-range and Budget options



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