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Getaway to Pondicherry

Known in the local Tamil language as Puducherry meaning ‘New Town’, Pondicherry is a small enclave stuck in a time warp. A former French colony on the Coromandel Coast, Pondicherry offers a fascinating ride into the colonial era. Its unique French character being in harmonywith the local Tamil culture is a marriage of civilizations unlike any other. Pondicherry is welcome refuge out of the din of large cities and its mixed culture is sure to enchant anyone who goes there.

Kamalan Getaways are brief thematic sojourns into the inner reaches of India. They can be short weekend travel programs out of large cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Painting an intricate picture of India and its nuances, Getaways give you the opportunity for a fascinating cultural immersion that you wouldn’t normally get to be a part of – all, over a weekend or a little longer.


Starting from INR 17495/USD 290 per person

Best Time to Travel

Ideally August to April, but can be done all year round


Art, history, adventure, culinary

Price Ranges

This journey is available in Luxury, Mid-range and Budget options


One thought

  1. I have been looking forward to plan a trip to Pondicherry ever since I watched Ang Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’. After the fulfilling chaos of Varanasi and Rajasthan that I witnessed on my last visit to India , ‘Pondy’ , as its famously called, transported me to what felt like a French country town in the Bay of Bengal. Visiting the former French Colony with our trip planner, Kamalan, we were mesmerized by the architecture, cuisine and in general the look and feel of the city.
    My wife and I love beach destinations and are huge on water sports; Kamalan crafted our beach getaway that blended places to see in Pondicherry, things to do in Pondicherry, various cultural activities and still have enough time to pamper ourselves at our Hotel, Palais de Mahe .
    Not just a beach destination to relax and rejuvenate at, it is also a great place for adventure sports such as scuba diving.
    We visited Promenade Beach in the morning just in time for sunrise, and a guided scuba diving session let us explore the flora and fauna of the Bay of Bengal.
    We even visited Chunnambar Water Sports Complex and tried water sports like speed boat rides and kayaking the next day.
    Apart from being total beach bums, we were mesmerized by the architecture, cuisine and in general the look and feel of the city spending our days spoiling ourselves at the various restaurants like The White Town Cafe, Baker’s Street and La Maison Rose, gorging on French, Indian and Mexican cuisine.
    Our tour guide took us to Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple and Thirukameswar Temple in a group travel where we met a lovely group of people who were in Pondy for a weekend getaway from Bangalore with whom we later attended a Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music concert. Kamalan arranged a visit to a painting, photography and sculpture exhibition on a cycle tour. With our travel guide and a Pondicherry map, it was a rejuvenating and exhilarating experience to cycle through the streets of pondy and satisfy our appetite for Indian art and culture.
    After spending the last evening at Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we drove down to Auroville, an experimental utopian city, located just out of town, that grew out of the Sri Aurobindo ashram that dominates social and educational life in Pondy.
    With Matrimandir in the middle of the town Auroville is an architect’s dream and has long attracted idealistic designers like me.

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