The owner decided to keep the three vulnerable survivors in his house every night. Two weeks later they are still here. During the day, they wander around the swimming pool to the tourists’ delight.

In the central garden area, night has fallen, but the subdued lighting creates a calming atmosphere, inviting me to take my time, sit in a large white deckchair and listen to the music of nature. Sidharth Singh and Uday Bhan Singh, horse trainer and follower of the ‘natural horsemanship’ school, invite me to join them.

Rohet, of men and horses

After Jodhpur’s adventures, Rohet offers a peaceful retreat.
In a haven of verdure and at a mansion from 1622, Sidharth Singh’s family still looks after the 12 local villages. A tastefully decorated suite welcomes me with open arms. Sitting comfortably with a dozen colorful cushions in an oriental divan arranged near a large window, I read and vanish to imaginary lands.

The sound of white migratory birds with bright yellow heads echoes the characteristic peacock cry. One duck of a rare breed found this home so hospitable that it stayed to give life to ten fluffy ducklings. In one night, cats ate seven of them.

With 18 Marwari stallions in his stables, Sidharth is the proud defender of indigenous Rajasthani horses. When I ask him about the qualities of the Marwari mounts he says: “endurance, of course, they’re desert horses. But they are also very sensitive, difficult to handle, and hot-tempered.”

For a second, I think men and horses have the same character in the region. As I explain that I come from Normandy, a French region with a strong horse tradition, Sidharth cries out: “I love Normandy! I was there for the 2009 exhibition. We were VIP guests”.



We speak about familiar places. Saint-Lo, Caen, Cabourg, the Mont Saint-Michel. We speak about the horse whisperer. The magic of the place transports us to a world where we have known each other for years and I feel at home. Siddarth tells me about the books written in the room of the first floor, and I imagine coming back to this preserved paradise in a few years to write my first novel.

Mihir Garh


Today, I have really found paradise. I tried to look for a place called Mihir Garh on the map but the name never appeared in front of my curious eyes. At first, I thought it was too small a spot to interest the traveler. Then, as I encountered the magic of the place, contemplating the sunset in all its beauty, I understood that a circle of enlightened people had made the selfish choice to preserve this heaven.

For a few minutes, I remained silent. The rest of the time, I was simply grateful.

“There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure.”