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It all started in 1977, when travel to India was still exclusively reserved to adventurers, scholars and hippies. A young man from Kashmir, who was really fond of meeting strangers, helped visitors discover the newly opened region of Ladakh. He worked alone out of his bag, constantly weaving ties with the local population. Through a chance meeting, the blessings of a Buddhist Rimpoche were bestowed upon this venture in the form of the name ‘Tushita’. Today, Tushita Travels is a renowned and highly trusted travel agency in India. Kamalan is a part of Tushita, conceived by the desire of the younger generation to send a message on the digital medium, hoping to connect with a special kind of traveller, one who is searching to apprehend India through Indian eyes, to share with us the beauty we love. Kamalan means born from the lotus, the strongest symbol of purity in the Eastern traditions, evoking the blossoming of an extraordinary travel experience. While a young contemporary company, Kamalan embodies Tushita’s much revered qualities, social values and profound knowledge of India.
After numerous years of experience, we have come to realize that a successful journey is characterized by an unforgettable time experienced at your own pace and rhythm. Therefore, we propose you to start by interacting with our travel consultants, who can craft for you a personalized journey. Our team is composed of experienced professionals from all regions of India and from the West, who embody our vocation of being a bridge between cultures. Traveling with us, you will experience a special kind of intimacy with India, thanks to our long-standing ties with local populations. A socially responsible company, Kamalan offers you the opportunity to   visit our foundation in Amer, near Jaipur, where village children could benefit from an exchange in English with you. You can count on our network of six offices as well as on Tushita’s reputation of being a fair and respectful company, to obtain flexibility from our partners, such as guides, drivers and hoteliers, so that you can travel light and appreciate a rare atmosphere of comfort and ease. Wherever you will have chosen your pathway through India, from the crown of the Himalayas to the tip of Kaniakumari, you will travel the Kamalan world and you will experience the powerful welcome of India. You will understand the meaning of the ritual greeting “Namaste”, where joined hands in front of the heart signify that one soul greets the other. You will enjoy the luxury of being recognized and taken care of, knowing it is only for you.
  • I want to thank Kamalan Travels for showing me the beauty of India. From thriving cities as New Delhi, to untouched parts of Kashmir, to remote places such as Leh the people at Kamalan were able to deliver an overall experience which encompassed India’s diverse cultures, religions, languages and customs.

    Stephen Milstead from USA
  • I was supremely impressed with the level of knowledge, expertise, and support offered to me by my Kamalan Pathfinder. It is my great pleasure to recommend Kanalan to any traveler who wants a thoughtful, caring agent to help plan a tour to experience the rich history and culture and colors of India.

    Muriel Brathwaite from USA
  • For my first trip to India, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Kamalan team who was exceedingly thoughtful in crafting every aspect of my itinerary. The team took the time to understand my travel interests as well as my needs as a female solo traveler.

    Jessamine Chen from Australia

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