Pathfinder Surbhi


Surbhi is a quirk in every sense of the word. Described by many as an eccentric over-achiever, the truth is that Surbhi is at once interested in everything. She believes that learning stops at no stage in life and welcomes these lessons with open arms. At kamalan, she feels at home with her beliefs being embodied through her work – a dream she has harboured for a long time now.
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India’s Lost Party Mansions

Driving on the main roads in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the barely there villages that materialise every...

The Land of High Passes

In the upper north-west of India, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, lies Ladakh, a land of mountains...

Made In India

In a unique tour across Rajasthan in collaboration with kamalan, we discover the region's finest artisans, from indigo dyers and...

Tripping the Light Fantastic

A slender beam sneaks out of a slot in the wall, unfurls in all its incandescent glory as it travels...

When Cultures Meet

As a part of their exploring visual trends every year, Adobe explored the concept of 'multilocal', the idea that in...