The visionary behind kamalan, her conviction that true travel is intimate cultural immersion is at the heart of every kamalan experience. Brought into contact with India by a stroke of destiny decades ago, her love for the land and its culture has come to define her since, a transformation that is the essence of all travel. Italian by birth, Indian by heart and a global soul by nature, hers is the wise hand that guides each of us Pathfinders in our quest for cultural encounters just about everywhere in the country. A designer by profession and expert in Indian textiles and crafts, she is passionate about art and therapy.
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Fort of the Sun

A man stands upright, high in a small tree; with precision, he cuts leafy branches that fall to his heard of munching...

Miniature Paintings

I met Ganga Ram in the hotel lobby in Jaipur on a blistering March morning. He pointed to the series of figures...

Jodhpur, The Blue City

The images are unforgettable; thick blue plaster, turquoise lattice work, red painted hand prints pressed onto walls, crimson cloth wound...

Jaipur, The Pink City

To call Jaipur pink is like calling water wet – both statements are true but neither captures the infinite variety of...

Dancing With The Taj

My guide Dheeraj had persuaded a boatman to take us out on the stretch of the River Yamuna that flows...