Dunja Opalko

Dunja Opalko

Dunja is a freelance photographer living and working in London. She shoots for magazines such as In Clover and Monocle, and combines her love of people and places to document the nuances of individuals, businesses, and their surroundings. Her approach to photography is capturing the mood in natural light while maintaining a great emphasis on authenticity and intimacy and with an observant and intuitive way of working her images unfold naturally.

  • What is the colour of India for you?

    It's a vibrant and rich melting pot of all existing colours.

  • What is the scent of India for you?

    The pure scent of a jasmine garland.

  • What is the taste of India for you?

    Fresh coconut water and a dish of thali.

  • What is the sound of India for you?

    Honking horns and ringing anklets.

  • What is the touch of India for you?

    Bare feet on warm stone.