Emily Nathan

Emily Nathan

Photographer Emily Nathan founded Tiny Atlas Quarterly in 2012 to offer something that was missing from her work as a professional photographer shooting lifestyle and travel images for commercial clients: the photographer’s experience, the intimate moments, and the everyday extraordinary. Tiny Atlas Quarterly became known for merging incredible imagery from some of the best photographers in the world with the personal narratives and helpful travel resources that professionals bring home from every shoot. Tiny Atlas Quarterly is based in Oakland, California, where Emily lives with her husband and son. Emily’s first book, My Tiny Atlas: Our World From Your Eyes with Penguin Random House is out in March 2019.

  • What is the colour of India for you?


  • What is the smell of India for you?


  • What is the taste of India for you?


  • What is the sound of India for you?

    Bells and chanting

  • What is the touch of India for you?

    Soft cotton

On Immortalising Transience
On Immortalising Transience

Does a camera grant the photographer control over the narratives of a happening...

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