Greta Rybus

Greta Rybus

Greta Rybus is a full-time freelance photojournalist specializing in editorial portraiture, travel and documentary photography. She is interested in documenting the full spectrum of the human experience; the struggle and joy, the light and darkness.

  • What is the colour of India for you?

    Shades of yellow. Dust, mustard seeds, paint, turmeric.

  • What is the scent of India for you?


  • What is the taste of India for you?

    Fresh dosas with spices and chutneys.

  • What is the sound of India for you?

    Carnatic music. Car horns. Quiet prayers.

  • What is the touch of India for you?

    Patina: the wear from where a thousand hands have touched before mine.

Threads of a Culture
Threads of a Culture

As one travels through the roads of India, they experience a sense of being overwhelmed. There is a lot happening at any given point of time...

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