Jody Daunton

Jody Daunton

Jody Daunton is the creative director and co-founder of Another Escape and a freelance photographer focussing on environmental portraiture and immersive visual storytelling.

  • What is the colour of India for you?

    The shades of orange of the apricots that lined the flat-roofed homes of Ladakh, at varying stages of dehydration - the drier the apricots are, the richer and darker the colour.

  • What is the scent of India for you?

    The inviting smell of bread baking at a small bakery on a backstreet of Leh's old town.

  • What is the taste of India for you?

    Fresh ginger tea.

  • What is the sound of India for you?

    The loud whooshing sound as the Great Indian Hornbill flew overhead, its powerful wings breaking the air, in Periyar National Park, Kerala.

  • What is the touch of India for you?

    The feel of spinning prayer wheels found throughout Ladakh.

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