Openhouse is a lifestyle and culture magazine for creative people around the world who open their homes and private spaces to the public to share cultural activities and experience life together. Covering themes of architecture, art and culture, design, food, and travel, the magazine caters to designers, creative directors, architects, photographers, entrepreneurs, editors, and the like, also producing content in collaboration with other brands. With kamalan, the creative director of Openhouse travelled to Delhi, Amritsar, and Chandigarh to capture the distinct facades of these cities.

Blueprint of a Dream
Blueprint of a Dream

To rediscover the legacy of master architects and feel the passion of such creations, we travelled to Chandigarh, Amritsar, and Delhi with Openhouse Magazine...

Behind-The-Scenes North India
Golden Temple - Feat Image
The Golden Temple

With a sweltering heat of over 40ºC, we were asked to take off our shoes and cover our heads way before we...

Production North India
Chaos and Calm - Feat Image
Chaos and Calm

After a good sleep and an even better breakfast, our 3 days in the Indian capital was about to begin, so we...

Production North India
Gunopur - Feat Image

After a long shower and as we laid down for a siesta, the pitter patter started on the roof, and the heavens...

Production North India