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The walls of old Jodhpur hold stories of ancient and modern worlds - of a glorious past lost in a tangle of winding, glittering, medieval streets . As the towering Mehrangarh Fort looks over the Blue City, there lies an equally beautiful structure at its base - RAAS encapsulates the essence of Jodhpur, perfectly capturing the feeling of old and new in its very making. It stands out in the midst of old havelis and dilapidated buildings with its three beautiful period structures (17th-18th century) that were inherited and painstakingly restored by traditional craftspeople with locally sourced materials, such as lime mortar and Jodhpur sandstone. The stay is flanked by magnificent views of the Mehrangarh Fort, whose base it is nestled on and a restored stepwell that cohabit with its architecture seamlessly. But amidst the terrazzo floors, hand cut stones and open contemporary spaces in the hotel , the call to prayer from a nearby mosque is a soul-stirring reminder that you’re in the heart of Rajasthan. This delicate balance of preserving the essence of culture, history, and traditions of a city that has existed since the 1400s while modernising its structures is something that RAAS has contributed to with elegance.

Cuisines Offered: Mughlai, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian


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Meal on the Stepwell

Enjoy a meal at the cafe that sits on one side of the wonderfully restored stepwell, Tunwarji ka Jhalra. Three stories high, the cafe offers incredible views of the stepwell. Feel the charm of old Jodhpur as you watch kids jumping into the pool while sitting within an ancient site. There is a variety of food offered at the cafe, ensuring that you have an exciting view while digging into some delicious food.

Culinary Heaven

Learn about local Rajasthani cuisine, or cook your own dinner with the recipes provided by the head chef. RAAS is known for its excellent culinary experiences, through its wide range of food and the tours that it provides it guests. Learn about the source of all your meals as you let the smell of spices take you into a sensory journey. The culinary tour is the perfect way to explore the city and its food, with an experienced hand taking you around.

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