Nature is integrated so organically into the premises of Swaswara that it induces a feeling of oneness with one’s environment, as well as a feeling of reverence for the healing and energetic properties of nature.

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South India

In March of 2014, I joined Rosenda for a week-long retreat at beautiful Swaswara in Gokarna.

On the days that we were there, Rosenda and I explored each of the seven chakras by learning more about its significance and using various techniques to dive into the inner world and explore the chakra from within. This included movement and dance, chanting, nature walks, and meditation. We also used the colours of the chakras and their associated elements to frame the work of each day. It led me through an incredible journey of self-discovery and Rosenda was an ever-loving and nurturing guide and mentor through this special process.

Swaswara, an eco-lodge situated on Om Beach in Gokarna, provided an excellent backdrop for the dive within, that Rosenda guided me through. The abundance of nature at Swaswara was hugely conducive to finding the peace and quiet inside and in creating an atmosphere of rest and rejuvenation. Moreover, nature is integrated so organically into the premises of Swaswara that it induces a feeling of oneness with the environment, as well as a feeling of reverence for the healing and energetic properties of nature.

In addition to the great journey of self-discovery that the retreat induced, I also learned new skills for diving into my inner world on my own. Swaswara provided daily classes in yoga and meditation, which beautifully supplemented the work that Rosenda and I were doing together. Ayurveda treatments were also offered through the Ayurveda clinic on the premises. These treatments helped to release the tension in the body, thereby honouring the very important relationship between mind, body and spirit. A relationship that was further honoured through the meals that were provided by Swaswara. Much care and attention went into the preparation of the meals, which were cooked using Ayurvedic principles and aimed to nourish and uplift the body.

However, the most beautiful thing about Swaswara was the incredible attention to detail that went into everything that was done and the spirit of service with which the staff approached their work. Everyone there acted as though they were there to ensure that you had the most relaxing and fulfilling experience possible, to serve you throughout your inner journey, not like they were simply doing a job. They acted with love and joy. It created a very warm and gentle atmosphere of community and oneness, one that allowed you to disconnect from where you had come from and who you had been and to simply sit in awe before all of the potentialities that lie before your soul.

I left the retreat somewhat renewed, unburdened, lighter and full of joy and gratitude for the abundance in my life. I look forward to returning to this special place and renewing my practice with Rosenda.

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