The New York Times is one of the most widely read publications, covering various world cultures with prodigious integrity. We have collaborated with their style supplement - the T Magazine - to produce in-depth pieces on various elements of Indian cuisine and architecture. One project captured the splendour of erstwhile mansions in Chettinad which now still retain their grace while falling prey to time’s advances. Another project captured the vanishing nature of Parsi cuisine by documenting the few traditional cafes that still operate in the city of Mumbai.

India’s Lost Party Mansions
India’s Lost Party Mansions

Driving on the main roads in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the barely there villages that materialise every...

Production South India
nyt cover 2
Tracing the Trails of Time

Discover the decadent mansions of Chettinad through the eyes of The New York Times, when they travelled with us exploring architecture...

Behind-The-Scenes South India
NYT Parsi Project FE
A Bid to Maintain One of the World’s Oldest Culinary Traditions

To taste dhansak at the Ripon Club in Mumbai — whose version of the slow-cooked, densely spiced lentil, vegetable and meat stew...

Production West India
An Old-World Luminescence

Get a glimpse of the unique cuisine of the Parsi community, documented through the waning Parsi cafes that were once an integral part...

Behind-The-Scenes West India