Journey of A Faith
Journey of A Faith
Journey of A Faith

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Journey of A Faith

Delving into the stories of Sikhism

The land of five rivers ‘Punjab’ has a turbulent history. Straddling India and neighbouring Pakistan, Punjab had wealth that was blessed with prosperity that is reflected in all aspects of its culture. Songs of harvest, mansions that held entire communities, festivals that involve horse riders and holy swords, tales and folklore that outlived generations to shape popular traditions.

This journey will take you to this hallowed land and into the hearts of people who call it their home. The journey starts at Amritsar, a city that never ceases to amaze the visitor with its resilience. The city takes its name from the tank that surrounds the famed Golden Temple, meaning the ‘pool of the nectar of immortality’. Amritsar holds the distinction of being the spiritual heart of the Sikh faith and millions visit the city each day to get a glimpse of the sanctum at the temple.

In Kapurthala, the erstwhile capital of a princely state, we will visit an opulent palace that was converted into a centre of education. The imposing edifice, faithful to the French Renaissance style of architecture, vies with the nearby mosque that boasts a resemblance to buildings in Marrakesh. The city is sprinkled with gardens and studded with temples and gurudwaras that sing paeans of courage and wisdom of the Sikh Gurus.

'Jalandhar’ or the land that lies between the two life-giving rivers, Satluj and Beas, is one of the most prominent sites of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. The excavations have dated Jalandhar as an inhabited city since the dawn of the Harrapan times. The Grand Trunk Road, a 2700-km long highway built by the Mughals, runs through the heart of the city, reiterating Jalandhar’s prominent position on a historical trade route. The city also assumed an important role in the relatively recent history during the freedom struggle, when it became the seat of the Khilafat movement.

Patiala has a fragile blend of tradition and modernity, much like the famous attire, the Patiala salwar-kameez, which the women of the city are often identified by. Established in the middle of the eighteenth century, the city’s culture is replete with Punjabi, Mughal, and Rajput characteristics. A city synonymous with mouth-watering delicacies and pegs of country brew, Patiala celebrates festivals of North India with fervour and ferocity.

A city of conflicting philosophies, Chandigarh is distinctly modern and minimalist. The city was spontaneously created after India gained her independence in 1947 by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. A masterpiece of urban design, the city was planned by Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier and is divided into blocks and sectors, embellished with beautiful gardens, giving it an unparalleled position in the urban architecture of India.

End this journey in the enchanting city of DelhiA fascinating amalgamation of cultures, Delhi has something for everyone. Visit the magnificent shrine that is the Bangla Saheb Gurudwara built in 1783. This place of solace is flocked by more than a thousand people in one single day. Take a stroll through the sprawling Lodhi Gardens, or indulge in the mouth-watering cuisines that the city has to offer. Delhi is a city rich in history and transformed through modernity.

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    Journey of A Faith

    A holy city with a turbulent history, Amritsar never ceases amaze the visitor with its austere resilience. It takes its name from the tank that surrounds the famed Golden Temple, which translates to the ‘pool of nectar of immortality’. The city holds the distinction of being the spiritual throne of the Sikh faith and millions of faithful throng the city each day to get a glimpse of the sanctum of the Golden Temple. The allure of spirituality and undoubtedly, its history makes Amritsar a
    favoured destination.

    Journey of A Faith

    The first planned city of independent India, Chandigarh stands tall as a paean to modern architecture, dreamt of by Jawaharlal Nehru and brought to life by the pioneer of modern architecture, Le Corbusier. The city is divided into neat rectangular blocks by leafy avenues, with green belts separating the residential, industrial, and government centres, leading to it being one of the cleanest cities in the country.

    Journey of A Faith

    Delhi is an enchanting medley of influences, one foot deeply grounded in time-revered traditions, whilst the other steps forth confidently into the future. The country's capital is a labyrinth of old structures speckling the suburbs juxtaposed with concrete blocks and crowded avenues. It is one of India's multifaceted cities, embracing diversity, while simultaneously offering the traveller historic masterpieces and a taste of contemporary India.

    Journey of A Faith

    The city of Jalandhar was once the capital of Punjab and is the oldest city in the State. The once quiet town has seen rapid urbanization and developed into a highly industrialised centre of commercial activity in recent years. Since it is situated on the Grand Trunk Road, it is a major rail and road junction.

    Journey of A Faith

    Kapurthala has been known as the land of warriors and kings since the time it was found. Founded by Rana Kapur of Jaisalmer, the city acquired a legendary status for its association with leader of the Sikh Confederacy. A short distance from the city is Sultanpur Lodi, a site held sacred by Sikhs for its association with Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, making it a pious destination for those who visit.

    Journey of A Faith

    Known as the land of Maharajas, the city of Patiala is built around a Palace known as the Qila Mubarak. The princely State was once ruled by the Jat King, Maharaja Narendra Singh, and was surrounded by 10 gates around. Presently it is a popular tourist destination, with deep rooted cultural traditions.

    Farming and Cultivation

    In the agrarian countryside, wander in open fields and visit animal farms in one of India’s biggest agricultural centres. Meet with an Indian farmer and learn about the various techniques of farming.

    Kali Mata Temple Visit

    Devoted to the Warrior Goddess of Hinduism -Durga, the Kali temple of Patiala was built in the year 1936 by the King of Patiala. Visit this magnificent temple to experience the power and divinity known to be present in the temple.

    Unwind on Sukhana Lake

    Located on the foothills of the Himalayas, this Landmark lake was built to fulfill the objective of leisure activity. Pay a visit to experience the serene waters surrounded by lush greenery, and the most popular spot for residents to unwind

    Visit to the Golden Temple

    Visit the Golden Temple known as the holy temple of the Sikhs standing in the center of a lake. Participate in temple proceedings, attend the prayer service and serve in the world’s largest community kitchen.

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