A Wondrous Moonland
A Wondrous Moonland
A Wondrous Moonland

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    9 Days, 8 Nights


    Classic, Nature & Wellness, Religion & Community


A Wondrous Moonland

Traversing the mountainscapes of Ladakh

A land of varying landscapes, from white sands to blue lakes, snow-capped mountains to lush valleys, Ladakh, like a dream captured in a snow globe, is a wildly beautiful milieu set between the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas. The cold mountain deserts of Ladakh nurture life in their own unique way. The desolate landscape holds some very promising secrets of life with its numerous isolated lakes. The indescribable beauty of it all must be seen to be experienced.

Fly into the capital city of Delhi, where the confluence of old and new has produced some of the most marvellous architecture, delectable cuisine, and most importantly timeless stories. From here travel to the lofty terrains of the Himalayas through the little town of Leh.

The elevated magical landscapes of Leh,  the city in the sky, is the gateway to the surrounding Ladakh region. This cold, arid, remote, mountainous region has enchanted travellers with its sheer rugged beauty. The region lies directly in Tibet’s sphere of influence and its culture. Tibetan Buddhism and its unique philosophy have thrived here for centuries. Most of Ladakh outside of Leh is either very sparsely populated or is just a seemingly endless expanse of lofty mountains and valleys with the occasional Buddhist monastery.

In these remote arid lands, the cultural vibrancy of its people has survived the harshness of their surroundings. After exploring the grand palace and the monasteries in Leh, travellers head out into the lofty wilderness. Several secluded monasteries dot the spectacular landscape which stand out like jewels amid the cold desert. They drive, hike and walk to some of the abbeys and monasteries in Uletokpo and other remote hamlets and settlements; meet with the locals, the abbots, the Lamas and the students of the monasteries, letting the barren expanse of Ladakh charm them with its unspoiled allure.

Amidst the mountain ranges of Ladakh lies the spectacular Tso Moriri. Pass through barley fields and charming white houses to enter the wetland sanctuary, and amidst the snow-capped peaks and lush green fields lies the emerald blue Tso Moriri, untouched by modernity.

While in the mountains, there is a cycling tour for sightings of one of the loftiest mountain passes in the Himalayas. The locals eat hearty meals by gushing rivulets and walk into the enchanted old city. Ladakh offers bird watching experiences around River Indus and local people love to invite travellers to share a meal with them at their home.

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    A Wondrous Moonland

    Delhi is an enchanting medley of influences, one foot deeply grounded in time-revered traditions, whilst the other steps forth confidently into the future. The country's capital is a labyrinth of old structures speckling the suburbs juxtaposed with concrete blocks and crowded avenues. It is one of India's multifaceted cities, embracing diversity, while simultaneously offering the traveller historic masterpieces and a taste of contemporary India.

    A Wondrous Moonland

    The Old Town of Leh will captivate you with its towering snow capped mountains, ancient Buddhist monasteries, and gushing rivers. The little town has a lot to offer from its charming houses, and Buddhist chants to exciting adventure tours.

    A Wondrous Moonland
    Tso Moriri

    Tso-moriri Lake also known as Mountain Lake is a spectacular site amidst mountain ranges in Leh and thanks to its serenity, is a good place to relax. Tso Moriri Lake is surrounded by barren hills in Ladakh, with the backdrop of beautiful snow-covered mountains.

    A Wondrous Moonland

    Located on the Leh - Srinagar Highway, Uleytopko is an enchanting village amidst snow draped mountains. Known as the perfect stopover to acclimatise to
    Ladakhi climate, the town is a popular destination and is abuzz with adventure activities.

    Adventure and Outdoor Activities

    A curated experience by the banks of some of the most spectacular lakes in the high altitudes of Pangong or a foray into the incredibly beautiful Nubra Valley, for an additional price.


    A hike up to Rizong Gompa in Uleytokpo, a ‘paradise for meditation. This lonely but much-revered little 19th-century monastery has soot-darkened old murals and gilded statues.

    Meet the Nomad Community of Tso Moriri

    Atop the Himalayan heights, near Tso Moriri Lake, a place harrowed by harsh weather conditions, live the people of Changpa, a nomadic community of shepherds. Walk down to their village and discover how the people of this area survive in such tough circumstances.


    Take a spiritual sabbatical in a grand Gompa and a Monastery in Leh. Come face to face with Buddhist teachings and customs, as you explore their culture and learn their ways.

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